The Value of National Health Center Week

The Value of National Health Center Week

It”s an event that happens the third week of every August before students go to classes to begin their new year. You may or may not have heard of it.  If you haven’t, I have to say you’re missing out!  I’m here to tell you why it’s valuable to the surrounding communities and yourself.  There are options available to people, and I want to make sure I spread the word about its impact in communities.

Why is it important?

This is a good question and with answers. It’s important because health awareness is a growing dilemma in our nation.  It begins with our youth and extends to adulthood.  Health centers throughout communities provide an outlet to you. Vendors from various organizations attend this event to give back to the community with knowledge, free blood pressure tests, free healthy snacks, and free educational tips on how to live a healthier life.  Did I mention the word free?

Are you not insured?  Health center week has you covered.  Wellcare, Horizon Blue Cross, United Health Care, and other insurance companies can assist you in finding insurance.

I’m interested!  Is there one in my community?

The response is a yes. Throughout the state of New Jersey, health centers in counties host it.  It is available in the tri-state area.  You should contact your nearest health center to see if they host one.

I don’t know if I’d like to go.  It sounds boring.

It’s actually not boring.  The health center events have music, games, food, raffles, and prizes to win. It’s more of a festival than an actual health event.  In addition to providing educational support, the event hosts do an excellent job in reassuring that health is as fun as it can be!  If you have kids, take them with you!  The health centers have bouncy houses, games, and prizes that your kids will enjoy.

My advice is if you’re looking for good, clean fun, visit one of these health center fairs.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.


A Dedication to Home Health Aides 

A Dedication to Home Health Aides 

It’s not every day you meet the people responsible for giving the important ones in our lives the care they deserve. These undercover professionals often go unnoticed in their daily struggles. I wanted to dedicate this message to the Home Health Aides I’ve encountered both in the classroom during their vigorous training sessions and outside the classroom where their expertise is put to the test. They are the front lines to the medical field, and they deserve the utmost respect for the services they provide throughout the United States.

Home Health Aides are caregivers who assist in day to day care for those in need. They allow loved ones to stay in the comfort of their home without the concern or stress of being left alone. Being at home, has proven to be beneficial for those in recovery from sickness or other illnesses. The level of comfort and familiarity of the surroundings can be therapeutic for several patients.

In addition to the care services they provide those in need, they are trained in various types of care services. Their other duties include household prowess of laundry, preparing meal, bathing, or other personal necessities. They act as in-house nurses. Their given responsibilities by a Registered Nurse to be followed as the doctor specified. As medical health professionals at the front of health care, they are considered the future of health care services. The idea of receiving care at home has been a thought

Home Health Aides go through difficult times especially with their patients. Their patients are not the easiest to deal and at times, the work load can be stressful. I’ve encountered Home Health Aides who do their work with compassion despite the hectic and busy schedules they might have. It takes great patience to be a Home Health Aide. It’s a trait that deserves admiration.

The next time you come in contact with a Home Health Aide give them a big thank you. Their duties are not easy, and it can sometimes be overwhelming. However, their services are what allow our loved ones to stay at home and cared for.

For Home Health Aides everywhere, thank you for the work that you do.

Considering a Home Health Aide License

It seems strange that this point of my life I am still searching for a career path or a passion that will keep me satisfied.  I have my close relatives tell me that I should be a writer, a soccer player, or do whatever it is that I love to do and make a living out of it. While I agree, I cannot wrap my mind on settling on one thing.

At this present time, I don’t have a set career goal. I’m not the most talented individual in the world, but I do have skill sets that are useful and practical.

It wasn’t until yesterday, when I spoke to a man who had a disabled son and desperate to find a caregiver who could give the proper care his son deserved, that I realized that there was more for me to explore.  He wanted to take a Home Health Aide certification class to take care of his son while making a living too.  It was a smart option and one I respected.

He changed my perspective in that moment.

I considered the possibility of getting a Home Health Aide license and not because I genuinely had a joy for the field.  The extra money on the side was a consideration. After the time I spent researching, I discovered the shortage of valuable Home Health Aides in today’s society due to a number of factors.


The one factor that struck me the most was how little people knew of the profession and the advantages.  Then it hit me like a funny joke I didn’t fully understand at first…I was one of those individuals who had no knowledge of the benefits of having a license other than adding more certifications onto my resume. The prestige wasn’t the driving factor of my decision .

What changed my mind was my passion to help others.  I thought about all the countless people who are in desperate need for care and all it would take is 76 hour course for me to help someone. 

It takes someone, a special someone, to show compassion and empathy to complete strangers who at times have no one to look after them.  In a sad, yet bittersweet way, you become more than a caregiver, but a friend or a family member to those who need it the most.  It’s almost like your becoming a super hero with selfless ambitions aimed to make the world a better place. 

It definitely can be done. You could be this person.  I could be this person.  The next time your confused on what path to choose and your not sure what to do with yourself.  Why not consider an option of helping others?