4 Reasons to be Grateful on Mother’s Day

“Mom, Momma, Mommy, Mama, Ma…”

The millions of ways we call for our mothers.  Mother’s day is reminder of a beauty in most of our lives.  Bringing us joy as children and being our number one support through our troubles, mothers around the globe represent a harmony that can not be replaced.  Their special ability to bring change through our youth is one to be valued and respected.

While shopping for my mom this week, I took a moment to reflect on why I was grateful for mother’s day.  My mind replayed a series of flashbacks of the sacrifices my mother made to give me a better future.  The most significant memory was what she did for me to get me to college.  She worked long, back-breaking hours in a factory, making minimum wage, and with no comforts of AC or Heating, to reassure that my brother and myself received a proper education. 

These were the four reasons I am grateful for mother’s day. 

Unconditional Love 

The instant we are born our mothers protect us.  They hold us close.  They nurture us.  In her arms, the universe is a divine, and her love for you unconditional. There is no better nurse, doctor, or medicine.


If the world was against you, your mother would not be one of them.  A mother has a unique bond with their child and while the world may not necessarily believe in her child’s honesty, she will never think otherwise.  It’s a type of blindness that is pure and just.


As we get older, we become aware of the hardships that our mothers shielded us from when we were children.  They can not do this forever.  Eventually, we are forced to face these problems head on, but not alone!


Mothers will sacrifice everything to ensure that their children have the best in life. They go through measurable amount of pain to give life to us. They’ll work long hours, push aside their goals, and put their kids first.   This a special heroism that goes unnoticed, yet it is one of the reasons humanity progressed.

I thank mother’s day because it gives me a chance to at least “try” to repay her, but I know I will never come close.



Considering a Home Health Aide License

It seems strange that this point of my life I am still searching for a career path or a passion that will keep me satisfied.  I have my close relatives tell me that I should be a writer, a soccer player, or do whatever it is that I love to do and make a living out of it. While I agree, I cannot wrap my mind on settling on one thing.

At this present time, I don’t have a set career goal. I’m not the most talented individual in the world, but I do have skill sets that are useful and practical.

It wasn’t until yesterday, when I spoke to a man who had a disabled son and desperate to find a caregiver who could give the proper care his son deserved, that I realized that there was more for me to explore.  He wanted to take a Home Health Aide certification class to take care of his son while making a living too.  It was a smart option and one I respected.

He changed my perspective in that moment.

I considered the possibility of getting a Home Health Aide license and not because I genuinely had a joy for the field.  The extra money on the side was a consideration. After the time I spent researching, I discovered the shortage of valuable Home Health Aides in today’s society due to a number of factors.


The one factor that struck me the most was how little people knew of the profession and the advantages.  Then it hit me like a funny joke I didn’t fully understand at first…I was one of those individuals who had no knowledge of the benefits of having a license other than adding more certifications onto my resume. The prestige wasn’t the driving factor of my decision .

What changed my mind was my passion to help others.  I thought about all the countless people who are in desperate need for care and all it would take is 76 hour course for me to help someone. 

It takes someone, a special someone, to show compassion and empathy to complete strangers who at times have no one to look after them.  In a sad, yet bittersweet way, you become more than a caregiver, but a friend or a family member to those who need it the most.  It’s almost like your becoming a super hero with selfless ambitions aimed to make the world a better place. 

It definitely can be done. You could be this person.  I could be this person.  The next time your confused on what path to choose and your not sure what to do with yourself.  Why not consider an option of helping others?

Why Vocational Schools are Helpful

Why Vocational Schools are Helpful

Thousands upon thousands of high schools throughout the country host college fairs to give their students a look into their bright future.  There are some high schools more fortunate than others to host quality four year Universities to provide for their graduating seniors.  The majority of seniors are eager to start their education.  Is that the case for everyone?  

There are too many times where we make assumptions on what is the right path to take in regards to our lives and education. Throughout the 20th century, 4-year schools have been the priority for most families.  They should be promoted because they add value! However, this emphasis on what is right and what is wrong is where there seems to be a dilemma.

Everyone has a different journey in life.  A 4-year school, directly after high school, is the majority ideal of what is the right way to go, but is it the only way?  It’s not.  In reality, people throughout history, such as George Foreman and Einstein, were praised for their successful inventions, yet they were high school drop outs who managed to use their education and experience to create their iconic names.  To be successful, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you followed the right path in life.  Success, in its definition, is achieving something of value.

While 4-year schools are ideal for success, education, in itself, should be promoted in all aspects to all types of individuals.  The freedom to choose is what makes the United States an incredible nation.  We, as a whole, need to stop pointing fingers and assuming that one path is the right path because there is no right path.  We each have our journey in life. 

The reason why vocational schools are important in the United States is because they give individuals another pathway to success.  Ignore some of the bad rumors you’ve heard of trade schools.  The fact is they bring a positive outlook in the job market. Employers, throughout the country, are in search of skilled professionals who are directly trained in their field whether it’s medical or technical.  

This is another thing to take into account. A trade school is another form of education that targets people’s specific talents to bring the best out of their skill sets! Education, in all aspects, is the key to opening doors.  We may have different opinions of how , but make no mistake about it…..It’s vital to our progress that we promote and extend options to a variety of people.

What to do as a Home Health Aide

What to do as a Home Health Aide 

This week I came across several college students uncertain about their futures. When asked, “what are you looking to get into?” some hesitated, shrugged while others were desperate for work experience to get them started in the right direction.  It amazed me how many individuals needed guidance and reassurance even though they had a degree in their particular area of study.

I knew the look of uncertainty all too well.  I was in their shoes once desperate for an answer.  I’ve experienced it. I’ve endured it. With eagerness to assist them on their journeys to success,  I smiled at them and asked them if they knew anything regarding Home Health Aides. In most responses, I received a definitive no.  The truth is there are a variety of advantages of having a Home Health Aide license especially if you are a college student in search of a direction to lead into.

Part Time Work 

If you need extra income on the side, the HHA certification/license is ideal.  A HHA can have flexible hours, choose his/her days to work, and be employed by multiple home care agencies. The amount of work available exceeds the amount of employees in search of it.  This means, finding a quick source of income, is easier as a caregiver.

Flexible Schedules 

Among the part-time hours, the flexible schedules accommodate even the busiest of individuals.  The current part-time status, in other employment fields, such as retail, require employees to compromise or risk the chance of getting undesirable schedules.  This is not an issue as a Home Health Aide since most of them can pick and choose the their hours.

Valuable Experience 

The underlying benefit is the experience you gain from working with a variety of clients.  There are valuable skills necessary in order to be a HHA including understanding and patience.  These two traits are essential to customer service in any field.

Potential for Growth 

A Home Health Aide license can be and do more.  It’s a gateway to other prestigious medical fields as most HHA’s can utilize their backgrounds to excel to more advanced careers. I’ve provided a list of the career advances.