A Dedication to Home Health Aides 

A Dedication to Home Health Aides 

It’s not every day you meet the people responsible for giving the important ones in our lives the care they deserve. These undercover professionals often go unnoticed in their daily struggles. I wanted to dedicate this message to the Home Health Aides I’ve encountered both in the classroom during their vigorous training sessions and outside the classroom where their expertise is put to the test. They are the front lines to the medical field, and they deserve the utmost respect for the services they provide throughout the United States.

Home Health Aides are caregivers who assist in day to day care for those in need. They allow loved ones to stay in the comfort of their home without the concern or stress of being left alone. Being at home, has proven to be beneficial for those in recovery from sickness or other illnesses. The level of comfort and familiarity of the surroundings can be therapeutic for several patients.

In addition to the care services they provide those in need, they are trained in various types of care services. Their other duties include household prowess of laundry, preparing meal, bathing, or other personal necessities. They act as in-house nurses. Their given responsibilities by a Registered Nurse to be followed as the doctor specified. As medical health professionals at the front of health care, they are considered the future of health care services. The idea of receiving care at home has been a thought

Home Health Aides go through difficult times especially with their patients. Their patients are not the easiest to deal and at times, the work load can be stressful. I’ve encountered Home Health Aides who do their work with compassion despite the hectic and busy schedules they might have. It takes great patience to be a Home Health Aide. It’s a trait that deserves admiration.

The next time you come in contact with a Home Health Aide give them a big thank you. Their duties are not easy, and it can sometimes be overwhelming. However, their services are what allow our loved ones to stay at home and cared for.

For Home Health Aides everywhere, thank you for the work that you do.


Four Reasons Home Care Services are Important for Families

Making the decision to place a loved one in Home care services is a huge decision and should not be taken lightly. Many believe by taking this step they are admitting defeat and weakness, because it shows they can no longer care for their loved one. But it is perfectly fine to ask for help. Home care services are here to help those who can’t help themselves. They provide a safe place for the client and provide the care they need. As well as Home health care is a good fit for families who don’t live in close proximity to their loved ones, but are in need of assistance. Families can rely on certified, skilled professionals for the assistance and care they need if unable to be there in person.

There are many reasons why Home care services are important and here are only four of the many.


  1. Home Care Services provide a helping hand to those who need it. There are occasions where a client does not have any family or anyone to care for them, that is where the home care services come in and save the day. Home care Services like E & S Academy provide the training for all their Home Aides, and place them into the homes of those in need

2. According to the Health and Retirement Study, as men and women age, they need more help with the activities of daily living. By the time we reach 85, 32% of men and 66% of women are no longer driving, and many either have limitations in what they can do, or require regular assistance. Home Care services provide a means of transportation and aide to many of the daily tasks that need to be performed. The Home Heath Aids take their clients to all their doctor appointments, as well as cook, clean, and at time bathe them.

3. Home care services are important because they adjust to the needs of the client. With the two types of care: skilled and non-skilled. Depending on the severity of the client, the type of care is determined. Skilled care professionals have a higher level of certification they have obtained in the area of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, mental health, or speech therapy. Unskilled care falls into the area of companion or personal care. They assist with grooming, dressing, housekeeping and meal preparation. Certified Nursing Assistants and home health care aides typically administer this type of care.

4. Seniors can get depressed at the thought of losing their mobility and independence. After so many years of being on their own, taking care of themselves, they now have difficulty performing even the simplest tasks. However, home care services make it possible for people to take care of their ageing loved ones and help them maintain their independence. By providing the aide needed Seniors wont fall into a deep depression because they are not alone in the process, they have an Aide who is with them through every step of the way.




The Benefits of having a Home Health Aide

You’re at a crossroads in your life where you have a family member or someone close to you in need of care, but you don’t know where to turn.  The doctor explains that their condition requires extra attention that you might not be able to provide because you have work or you do not feel confident that you can administer the careful details. You can decide to take your loved one to a facility, but even then, you have the burden of guilt.

The situation appears dire, but in today’s society, there is one major choice that millions of families have turned to. Acquiring a Home Health Aide, is one of the best options for you and your loved one. There are three important reasons why many households have turned to Home Care agencies for their health care needs.

For one, Home Health Aides are specifically trained to provide the detailed and extra care that doctors require.  Their duties involve diet checks, transporting their patients to appointments, blood pressure monitoring, bathing,  giving comfort, and in some states they can administer medication at appropriate times.

Secondly, your loved one can stay in the comfort of their home without being moved.  They have all their necessities at hand. At the same time, you do not have to feel guilty because you know they are at a secure place with a valued professional.

Lastly, it has been statistically proven that, those in need of Home Care services, enjoy a better lifestyle because their Home Health Aide gives them the companionship and a sense of independence!

Home Health Aides are the Future of Health Care

You need to forget about what you’ve heard on the news regarding Home Health Aides or health care in general.  The ACA repeal won’t slow the industry down one bit.  The employment rates continue to rise including available job opportunities.

The main reason for this unstoppable growth is because of how valuable it is to the general public. The baby boomer generation prefer home care.  The majority of them see it as an a necessity for a comfortable future.  It benefits their health and limits their stress levels.  Home Health Aides provide companionship, care, and are trained to meet the specific needs of their patients.

Aging Population Wants Home Care Services

The aging population want home care services.  According to a national poll, a growing number of Americans age 40 and older want Medicaid to cover the expenses to in-home care services.  What does this mean for Home Health Aides? It means that they have a secured future regardless of what happens to the current economy.  Their skills do not lose value or currency.

Home Health Aides are an Instant, Quality Assurance Service

In this day in age, there is nothing better than instant services. Consumers, at all markets, value the ability to process their needs quickly and effectively.  Cell phones, internet, fast food, e-commerce, and other portable features give us the ability to instantaneously do what it is that we require accomplished.  A consumer can finish their shopping or daily activities in half the time that it used to take 20 years ago.

Health care is no different.  Home Health Aides are an instant service, but with quality assurance. Their trained professionals who specialize in care.  They are available 24/7 and can be placed in homes if necessary.  These compassionate caregivers are nurses on the front lines who do an incredible service for the community.  The access to a portable health care is as important as anything. Since it involves personal health, people will place more value in it than in other field because health is universal.

History has Proven its Worth 

Did you know Home Health Aides were known as visiting nurses?  While Home Health Aides have become more valuable in the past decade, their services have existed throughout history.  Physicians and nurses in the early 1900’s visited homes to give services. They were known as nurses rather than caregivers.

Health care was primarily given in the home, but because of the increasing demand of the general public’s importance on long-term care, the number of nurses to physicals to patients became inefficient to meet the need. During the 1930’s, most care and acutely ill patients were transitioned to hospitals.  Typically, nurses provided long term care in the home.

In the 1950’s, hospitals referred home care nurses to aide with the discharge of patients.  Home health care agencies were funded by charitable contributions until the Medicare Act in 1965. This change in the health care system expanded the home care business tremendously.

A new payment method sped the process. The 80’s and 90’s brought a sudden change and urgency for care in the home because of the prospective payment method conducted by hospitals to discharge patients quicker, more effectively. As a result, home care services were recognized as an important and today it remains strong.