Four Reasons Home Care Services are Important for Families

Making the decision to place a loved one in Home care services is a huge decision and should not be taken lightly. Many believe by taking this step they are admitting defeat and weakness, because it shows they can no longer care for their loved one. But it is perfectly fine to ask for help. Home care services are here to help those who can’t help themselves. They provide a safe place for the client and provide the care they need. As well as Home health care is a good fit for families who don’t live in close proximity to their loved ones, but are in need of assistance. Families can rely on certified, skilled professionals for the assistance and care they need if unable to be there in person.

There are many reasons why Home care services are important and here are only four of the many.


  1. Home Care Services provide a helping hand to those who need it. There are occasions where a client does not have any family or anyone to care for them, that is where the home care services come in and save the day. Home care Services like E & S Academy provide the training for all their Home Aides, and place them into the homes of those in need

2. According to the Health and Retirement Study, as men and women age, they need more help with the activities of daily living. By the time we reach 85, 32% of men and 66% of women are no longer driving, and many either have limitations in what they can do, or require regular assistance. Home Care services provide a means of transportation and aide to many of the daily tasks that need to be performed. The Home Heath Aids take their clients to all their doctor appointments, as well as cook, clean, and at time bathe them.

3. Home care services are important because they adjust to the needs of the client. With the two types of care: skilled and non-skilled. Depending on the severity of the client, the type of care is determined. Skilled care professionals have a higher level of certification they have obtained in the area of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, mental health, or speech therapy. Unskilled care falls into the area of companion or personal care. They assist with grooming, dressing, housekeeping and meal preparation. Certified Nursing Assistants and home health care aides typically administer this type of care.

4. Seniors can get depressed at the thought of losing their mobility and independence. After so many years of being on their own, taking care of themselves, they now have difficulty performing even the simplest tasks. However, home care services make it possible for people to take care of their ageing loved ones and help them maintain their independence. By providing the aide needed Seniors wont fall into a deep depression because they are not alone in the process, they have an Aide who is with them through every step of the way.





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