When the Employment Struggle is Real Consider This Option as a Solution

When the Employment Struggle is Real Consider This Option as a Solution 


It’s the dreaded thought that bothers millions of Americans.  What if you lose your job?  What if you can’t find employment after losing your job?  Those thoughts linger in many of our minds, and the real reason is because we aren’t aware of the options that are available to us.  First, you shouldn’t be afraid to lose your job.  It creates more unnecessary stress in your life, and in reality, it can effect your performance in all aspects.

What can you do to limit the fear?  I’d recommend preparing yourself.  You should invest a bit of your money into having a back up plan.  The more certifications you have under the belt the more qualified you are in employer’s minds.  In addition, they are relatively inexpensive and you will not go in debt with these options.

I’ll give you one perfect example of a certification that can be used as a back up.


It’s one of the fastest needed professions in the United States today. Essentially, Home Health Aides are in-home care nurses who are trained to provide care to patients within their homes.  The reason why this is a top field is because of the growing trend of patients preferring to be at home than in hospital.  It makes sense for hospitals too.  In reality, hospitals need the bed space to continuously bring patients in and out.

The economy is based on supply and demand.  The job market is no different.

Supply and Demand 


The basic supply and demand dictates what employment requirements are required.  Home Health Aides will always be needed.  The main reason has to do with their efficiency and their abilities to care for loved ones in the comfort of their home.  According to health studies, home care givers, are beneficial to most people who need them.  It improves comfort, reduces stress, and overall is better for patients seeking long-term care after an injury or because they need the extra assistance. 

You’ll earn a decent wage and hours are flexible.  In most instances, home health aides can earn more than retail store associates plus they have the option of choosing their hours.  They don’t need to settle for shifts either.

Training and Certification 


If you’re considering training, it’s inexpensive and it’s relatively short too.  You can earn a certification for at least $400.  The best part is that most training facilities provide employment opportunities once you finish the course.  It’s a win, win in my book.  For those of you who are concerned about employment and see it as a struggle, give yourself a back up plan.  You can ease your mind by taking this step.


The Three Advantages to a Home Health Aide Online Certification

The Three Advantages to a Home Health Aide Online Certification

How can you possibly learn how to become a Home Health Aide via online? You’ve probably heard from someone or somewhere that there are schools that offer online Home Health Aide classes. The skepticism is normal because in health care online classes seem far fetched.  Where is the hands on training?  How will you know how to handle a real-life emergency?

I’m here to tell you how.  The online courses will become mainstream, and I’m here to tell you why.

Study at Your Own Pace

If you’re a college student, a full time parent, or someone with a ton of hobbies, the truth is you might not have the time to be in a classroom.  Why should you make the time out of your busy day to come to a class when you can study the material at home?  It make total sense.

In today’s digital world, the internet is easily accessible in most homes.  With online courses, most of them are set up in increments or hours.  This means you can study at your own pace just as long as you meet the deadlines on time.

Online Home Health Aide Classes are Approved 

The New Jersey Board of Nursing has approved Online Certified Home Health Aide classes.  The 76-hour course requires that students do at least 60-hour course work to properly understand the material.  This first portion of the Home Health Aide class can be completed online.

Hands On Training is Still a Thing 

You’re probably considering taking an online class now, but there might be one aspect holding you back.  How do you gain experience in the field?  It’s simple.  Online classes require students to take at least 16-hours within the classroom.  It’s more like a hybrid class and not necessarily a straight forward online course.

You’ll receive the hands on training while at the same time saving your time too.  It’s worth your investment especially when you can take the online training and receive the hands on training too.

Home Care Versus Nursing Homes

Have you considered which would be better for your loved one between home care and nursing homes?  There are millions of families that consider the same options as you.

Why home care and not nursing homes…

When a loved one finds that they are no longer able to take care of themselves at home families may see nursing homes as the best solution. However, before you decide to commit a family member to a nursing home you should also consider a home health aide instead.


  • With a home health aide, your loved one will be able to continue their life almost as normal by staying at their home while their assistance travels there when needed. They can continue to enjoy a familiar atmosphere and access to their belongings and neighbors.


  • Nursing homes are crowded and the staff may not have enough time to help. A home health aide will always be ready during their shift to help your family member and tend to their needs.


  • It’s easy to make a visit. At a nursing home, you will need to sign in at the front desk and walk deep into the facility. With homecare, all you need to do is open the front door.


  • Living at home gives your loved one more choices in their food and clothing options. They will also be able to be driven to their local stores and participate in groups, clubs and other activities.


What is my experience with home care agencies?


Getting assistance for your family member can be a difficult choice.


My family chose to keep Grandma at home until the end and we got occasional help from a Home Health Aide through charity care when my parents were too busy working.

I have met with Home Health Aides during a training session at our agency and found them very committed to their work. Some are young and have only started working out of high school and plan to move on to become Nurses or return to school. Others have been working with dedication for years and may even be continuing their trade from overseas.

When you choose to put a family member in the care of a Certified Home Health Aide you should know that you are getting personalized care from professional who has been through tough training that not everyone passes. Home Health Aides are an underappreciated profession and are very devoted to their work. With them you will find care for your loved one that surpasses anything you will find in a facility.


The Value of National Health Center Week

The Value of National Health Center Week

It”s an event that happens the third week of every August before students go to classes to begin their new year. You may or may not have heard of it.  If you haven’t, I have to say you’re missing out!  I’m here to tell you why it’s valuable to the surrounding communities and yourself.  There are options available to people, and I want to make sure I spread the word about its impact in communities.

Why is it important?

This is a good question and with answers. It’s important because health awareness is a growing dilemma in our nation.  It begins with our youth and extends to adulthood.  Health centers throughout communities provide an outlet to you. Vendors from various organizations attend this event to give back to the community with knowledge, free blood pressure tests, free healthy snacks, and free educational tips on how to live a healthier life.  Did I mention the word free?

Are you not insured?  Health center week has you covered.  Wellcare, Horizon Blue Cross, United Health Care, and other insurance companies can assist you in finding insurance.

I’m interested!  Is there one in my community?

The response is a yes. Throughout the state of New Jersey, health centers in counties host it.  It is available in the tri-state area.  You should contact your nearest health center to see if they host one.

I don’t know if I’d like to go.  It sounds boring.

It’s actually not boring.  The health center events have music, games, food, raffles, and prizes to win. It’s more of a festival than an actual health event.  In addition to providing educational support, the event hosts do an excellent job in reassuring that health is as fun as it can be!  If you have kids, take them with you!  The health centers have bouncy houses, games, and prizes that your kids will enjoy.

My advice is if you’re looking for good, clean fun, visit one of these health center fairs.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.